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Summer 06

sun, beach, &friends<33

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THANK YOU crayoncrayola FOR MY LAYOUT.♥

Scream it: Carol
Candles on cake: 14
Labelled: AWSOMEE
Sees through: Hazel eyes
Runs fingers through: Dirty blonde hair
Looks down at the world from: 5 feet 4 inches
Belongs to: No one
Trapped in: CT
Expanded her mind at: ECHS
Class of: 2009
Dreams of: sucess
Fears: Snakes & Spiders
Hears: Ryan Cabrera, Kelly Clarkson, and so on and so on
Watches: The OC, Friends, Sex and the City, and so on and so forth
Reads: Teen Magazines
Makes: The best out of every situation
Roots for: Red Sox & all ECHS teams!!
Worships: Ryan Cabrera & Chad Michael Murray
Would use her three wishes on: More wishes, money and [as childish as it is] special powers

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