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Summer 06

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Monday, December 11th, 2006
11.12.2006 @ 9:14pm - so basically;
im ready to fucking shoot something.

current mood: take a guess.
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Friday, November 24th, 2006
24.11.2006 @ 4:54pm - ooooooooook
SO. we're on "thanksgiving break" right now. thanksgiving is the gayest holiday ever invented. but at least we get off school till tuesday. school's being ok, i didnt get honors on the report card cause i got a 74 in bio. i hate bio. sooooo much. theres this kid in my class that i just noticed was in it and i was like freaking out the other day cause he just like appeared out of nowhere. it was kinda funny. but the kid that i liked in the other post i decided i dont like him anymore. for real. i found out that he was only talking to that other girl because he got jealous when i was talking to this other guy, and so he wanted to get back at me or something idk. anyway, then i stopped talking to the other kid and the guy stopped talking to the girl, but then idk i dont like him anymore. and i liked this other kid because he liked me but then i ddecided not to because of some things. now theres this freshman that likes me, and he calls me all the time. its annoying. i was on the phone with him a few nuights before homecoming.. i had just met him like 2 days before that.. and he was talking to me about homecoming and if i had a date im like IDKKKK. then i was like i gotta go and then he was like, well should i ask you now? do you know what im gonna ask? im like IDK BYE then hes like will you go to homecoming with me and i hung up on him. haha. it was actually pretty funny, but mean too. i felt bad. and then at homecoming he like, followed me for the first five minutes but then left. and then later he found me and asked me to dance but i was with katie and she got him to leave. it was funny. and then later he called and i was like ya that was my sister. then hes like oh ok. soooo she didnt get him offfff myyyy caseeeeee. and this other freshman came up to me and hes like "do you wanna grind?" im like.. "with you?" "yeah!" "no thanks." apparantly hes the most popular frosh and has really nice muscles, but i dont care. i felt bad after though. but it was still pretty funny. homecoming was pretty good. everyone else thought it sucked. i thought it was gonna suck, which is prolly why it turned out ok.

cheering is still good, even though i cant get some stunts right. i cant get my lib to be stable and my twist downs arent perfect yet. UGHHHHHHHHHH. thepep rally was last week ,it was pretty gayyyyyy. but whatever.

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Saturday, November 11th, 2006
11.11.2006 @ 12:50am - ofeijszigh
fdkmfdl;j been soooooo so long since i been on this. im writing in here tomorrow.

current mood: tired
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Thursday, October 12th, 2006
12.10.2006 @ 7:14pm - sweet we rockkk, sweet we roll...
AND SO. i havent posted in a while. school started. sucks. ummm not much happeneing, just cheeing and school. and being close to obsessed with someone that def/ doesnt like me back, no matter what everyone else say. which suckssss. but like, we were so close this year, and then this stupid frosh ilke, whatever. bitch. and now he talks to her more then me in class. and im like FUCK OFF LITTLE GIRL. damn i hate herrr.

im really suprised that i didnt get ANY progress reportss. =]
i thought i was gonna get one in at least religion-i always get check -'s on the homework for NO REASON WHATSOEVER. like, i do it, andswer the question right, and its neat for the most part. im like wtf. hes too old to teach.

cheering is good this year. a couple weeks ago we had these people come to help us with tumbling and stunts. it was pretty cool, even though it was HELL when we were doing it. like, soo much sweat. i was so tired. the first day i actually came home and went straight to bed and didnt wake up till the next morning. so i slept from 4pm-6am. haha. it was good cause i got back on track with my sleeping times. and i've been doing really good at stunting this year compared to last year. im still flyinggg =] wich is good cause i love it. jill our 2nd coach was having me do LIBS today. it was soooo fun. except i really pissed myself off cause i kept leaning over and falling, but i got it right a couple timesss. =]

on monday, i WORKED. katie's boss called the house to see if she could come in early to help him get pumpkins, but she wasnt home. so when i got home like 10 min after he called my mom called back and was like, carol can do it. and hes like, i changed my mind i dont want anyone else in the truck with me, but she can come in later with katie and help unload for a couple hours. so i went at 2, AND WAS THERE TILL 8. they had me unload pumpkins, water flowers, move flowers, do some pointless shit with cornstalks, then unload the pumpkins more. HELL. but i got $51 which was pretty good. and a free ice cream =]
he might offer me a job. if he does then ill just be working at the register he said. sweet.


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Saturday, September 9th, 2006
09.09.2006 @ 12:20am
and my birthday is on sunday.
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09.09.2006 @ 12:19am
i hate school. it should die. and my boyfriend is cheating on me.
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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006
22.08.2006 @ 4:30pm
sooo i figure i should post in here! soo umm well we went to the hideout for august 5-12. it was pretty awsome. we hung out with phil, thurman, and their friends- jonathan, kevin, [raymond], and the last day PETEYYY. umm yea thats it. so anyway we didnt do alot of the things that me and katie were planning on; like go to the movies, ARBY'S [lol], bowling?[katies idea], fun center, and other stuff. but its all good we had fun anyway at our house, getaway park, the pool/lake/place under the tiki bar/courts.

one of the new guys- jonathan/jonny asked me out one day, which i kinda thought was a bad idea seeing as how we'd never see each other but then i realized who cares cause guys here go through girls like .. pop. . like a new girl every week. so im like ok w/e. well. we're still going out. partly cause i havent talked to him since we lefttt which was like the 11th. aah oh well, i guess yesterday he was asking peteyy if he knew our # so peteyy asked me last night and so he'll be calling soon im guessing.

so anyways, we got back, then last week on tuesday me and katie and megan went to friendly's again to see jonathan[busboy] =) . butt he wasnt there! so i called him up then hung up after 2 rings so that he would call me back. and then we saw the benoits and curly there so we went over to chat with them when we finished our ice creams. ha. woww it was pretty fun. frank wants to do it again some time. HAHA! so katie got her tonsils out on wednesday so megan says that we can have like amovie night here with her and frank and steve.. itd be cool i guess. lol.

sooo this is like the last week of summer. AHH =( it went too fast .. and i still have most of my reading to do. im halfway done with 2 diff books and then one full one to read. plus the reading journals, but for one of them i can type it so thats good.

so katies having like this movie night thing on friday. and all the sisters my age of the girls she invited are like IMing me and leaving me comments on myspace like.. soo whats with this movie night? [hinting for me to invite them over] so im just like.. yeah she wants to get together with them. so then thye're like wondering why i didnt invite them. so they go.. so what do you wanna do? UM. NOT HANG OUT WITH YOU. like they're ok but i just dont want them over cause like i know how it turns out when sister-sister is at partys together. so im trying to get over to cassie's lake or soemthing maybe for that night. maybe later ill ask mom if cassie can sleep over on thursday then i go back to the lake with her on friday till like saturday? hmm. i like my planning lol

anyway, i think thats pretty much it, MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 19 DAYS!!! wooooo. september 10. and im bugged casue 9/11 like totally ruined it. everyone who has bdays on the 10th and 11th now has ruined bdays. cause on the 10th is all these tv stuff about it, and people are all like OH THATS TOMORROW THE ANNIVERSARY OH THAT WAS SO SAD! yeah it was sad but its ruining my bday.and then people with sept11 bdays are even worse. cause its like THAT HAPPENED TODAY OMG YOUR BORN ON A BAD DAY. i sound really selfish in this paragraph but its true. and i think bush said that we should just like move on as best as we can. so to move on we should try to forget. mhmmm.

but ya, so i'm getting like everyone to send me cards lol. even though i wouldnt get them till the 11th cause my bday is on a SUNDAY!!! finally. its never on a weekend. haha. i got it all planned out too, which i might right in later, but basically im SLEEPING INNNNNNNNNNNN. yesssssssssssssssss =D

so ya, this is it for now.. xoxo

current mood: i have to pee.
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Friday, July 28th, 2006
28.07.2006 @ 9:37am - I LOVE SUMMER
ok so yesterday was OFFICIALLY the best day/night of summer 2006<33333333
so megan came over to tan with me and katie on the trampoline in the morning which like.. we didnt do. we were looking at yearbooks &stuff and then we went outside to tan a little bit but ended up calling up frank and steve. steve wouldnt pick up the phone so we weer calling frank and he wasnt picking up either so we left msgs on franks phone for steve[ since steve's voicemail wasnt set up yet ] LMAO. it was hilarious. megan taped it on her camera then sent it to me on myspace. LOOK AT IT. www.myspace.com/c918 ahhhhhhh haha anyone besides us prolly wouldnt get it though lol.

After Megan left, Steve finally called back! so i talked to him for a little and i was like.. "whifch toe is your favorite??" he said the big one.

s othen later her and katie were talking online and megan was like.. i need to go somewhere so i was like.. LETS GO TO FRIENDLYS!!! so we did and so we get in and the busboy was gonna seat us so he was getting the menus out and i wa slike "can we have some crayons and paper too?!" and so he cave me some =))))

and i also asked for a balloon but he didnt answer me. i know he heard though. so then we sit & get our ice creams & stuff and we were drawing and megan made a picture of a foot and then drew an arrow to the big toe adn wrote "the big one" haha thats steve's new nickname from us lol. so then this girl in a table like.. next to us behind them started crying REALLY hard and i felt bad =((( but then the dad went to the busboy and was like, can i have a balloon for her? so i heard and when he was walking past me i go "I WANT A BALLOON TOO!!!!! can i have a balloon?!!!"

and he said no! and so i just turned and looked at katie who was sitting across from me and i just opened my mouth like =O and then he came up and was like "im just kidding!!" haha. so he comes back out with 2 balloons =)) and they were red and pink and so he goes to the little girl.. "which one do you want?" i swear i was ready to hurt him cause we both knew the little girl wouldve picked the pink one and i would get stuck with the red one. BUT SHE PICKED THE RED ONE!! so he comes and gave the pink one to me. yay!!! so then after a cuople minutes IT STARTED TO DEFLATE. so i'm like dude this balloon is defected. so i said to him..."you know that i like purple right?!!" [hinting for a new balloon] but i never got one. but the pink one still was blown up i mean just a little air came out.

so then we wrote him a note with the crayons and one of the little drawing booklets he gave us and we were liek "thank you for the crayons, this booklet thing, and the deffected balloon" and drew a cake on the other side too. then when we were leaving we gave it to him. ahh and i put my sn in the inside too haha.

then we walked down SDH and all these pervs in cars were whistling and honking at us. and then when we got to the corner megan picks up this stick and JAMS it right in to my pink balloon!!!!!! it was very very sad. me and katie screamed cause we werent expecting it loll.

we walked over to mandee's and looked around, then went back over to the plaza, and went to tjmaxx, then to bed, bath, and beyond. we walked all around the store lol. then hung oout infront of the cash registers and there was this cute guy that worked there so when we were leaving i told him to have a nice night & saluted to him. =) katie and megan pushed me out. haha. then we went to payless and we all tried on some hooker boots. me and meg were in one row and katie was in the other so i like ran over to her and was like.. "KATIE!!! GET SOME HOOKE RBOOTS WE'RE GONNA TAKE A PICTURE!!!" and this lady in there just like stared at me &gave me a look. i wasnt loud or anything so im standing there and saw her face and im thinking to myself mind your own damn busienss ladyyyy. so then we went to dots to try on a bunch of "exotic" clothes. cough cough. it was really funny.

then we walked back out infront of friendly's to wait for Meg's mom to come pick us up.. and the busboy was still working. so he saw us out there so i told him through the window that my balloon got popped so he brought me out another one. =) a PURPLE one. yayy. so then we took some pictures with him & he gave me his number. oh lala. lol. we found out his name is jonathan and he just graduated. then he had to go back inside to work. ahh i hoep we didnt get him in trouble lol. but then i had katie hold my balloon cause i needed to do something and she LET IT GO. and it flew up to the ceiling. and we were trying to get it and then it hit the little prickly things on the side and POPPED. it was real loud and we screamed and it was sad. and i couldnt get another balloon cause jonathan was busy. =(( but i'm SURE he wouldve brought me another one, but MEg's mom came to pick us up.. so no time.

oh well. but it was really fun. me, meg, and katie are gonna do something again SOOON. ahh theres NEVER a dull moment with me and katie lmao.

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Saturday, July 22nd, 2006
22.07.2006 @ 5:08pm - adfl;kjgahjjl;
Summer is pretty sucky so far. Its like never sunny out yet, and my tan is going away. =[

Tomorrow the D'Angelo's and Don are comming over for dinner. That's just asking to get lectured. Soo we've been cleaning yesterday and not really today. And then mom and dad just told me and Katie today that on Monday Koral is comming over for dinner! idk. We'll see how it goes.

I really need to clean my room though. It's not really messy but whatever.
But what I really need to do is READ. readreadread. I have 3 books. AHH. And today I was looking at my schedule for next year and pretty much I think that my classes are on the other side of the school from each other. Like first period is in the middle on the first floor, but then I go downstairs to gym, and THEN i have to go up 2 flights of stairs and all the way down the hall. I'm like ARE YOU KIDDING. From there I either go down the hall a little or downstairs again and down on the other side of the hall. Then I go back upstairs to who knows which class. Then I come right back down downstairs. Then I go upstairs and at the complete other side. And last I have no idea where the other classes are gonna end up cause those are the teachers that move, but I'll either go like right next door or back downstairs on the other side. Its like one of those things on tests where like you draw a line to match them. Going back and forth. Ahh. I guess if it ends up that way I'll just see guidance counselor and have her see if she can switch my classes. But I kind of don't want that to happen because I know alot of people in my classes. The only ones I wouldn't mind leaving are bio and spanish. Cause I only know 2 people in my bio class so far, and I reallyyyyyyyy don't like one of them, and the other one, we don't really talk alot. And in spanish I only know one person so far, and she's... uhhh... dfas;jlkaeho weird. But all my other classes are pretty good. =/
EXCEPT the fact that 3 of my VERY good friends are in none of my classes =[[[ We better have lunches together. =]

Ok welllll, dinner time.♥

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Tuesday, July 4th, 2006
04.07.2006 @ 4:00pm
So. I don't really feel like writing but I'm gonna anyways. Yesterday=worst day of summer EVERRRR. But I'm not going into details, I already wrote it somewhere else. But last night, it was really funny I have to write it in. Okay so Armand called at like 12:30 in the MORNING. So Katie goes to call him back and I'm like, "Katie, he's calling just to see if your awake and wants to spend like 2 hours on the phone with you." So she's like "You dont control me!!" But hung up anyway. And so I was like I'm not trying to control you and she's like YA YOU ARE. So she was really pissing me off so I had made some hot chocolate and had a little left so I said, "Would you like this hot chocolate in your face?!" And she goes, "Oh, I bet you think you're bad." And when she said that I got so mad so I did it. It felt great.

I realized that I was spending too much time making empty threats and promises. So from now on, no more of that. =)

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Saturday, July 1st, 2006
01.07.2006 @ 10:15pm - yessss
i finally found a layout. i've been looking for one like all night =)

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Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
27.06.2006 @ 9:56pm - fljkdasljk;gfjkl
its summer and i havent got to sleep-in at all not even ONE F-ING TIME. if i have an appt its in the morninng. and if i don't, i still wake up early. idk whyyyy. but its pissing me off =(

and i dont feel good now so this is all im gonna write.

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Friday, June 23rd, 2006
23.06.2006 @ 7:45pm
yeah.. pretty much my update right now

current mood: whatevvvvver
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Friday, June 16th, 2006
16.06.2006 @ 2:29pm - been a while since i updates
that makes me really happy! i've been laying out on the trampoline like everyday in the sun getting a tan and guess what... IT WORKDED! yay.
i went to canada with dad last week or 2 weeks ago or something.. it was raining the whole time and i didnt get to see jackie =( [my doggie there] BUT sabrina [the cat] did come back and she brought her little kitten over!! it was only like 3 weeks old. awww. then she brought over another baby and it was ADORABLE but it was like 5 months old or something. lol it was so cute my dad had gone outside and sabs did too so it was just me and the 2 kitties and the baby was like.. trying to meow but it couldnt so it was like a scream and it was getting annoying so the other kitten goes over to the box and goes "HIIIIISSSSS" [hissed at it] and showed its teeth and everything BUT not in like a way where it was gonna go kill it or anything. it was cute. we're going back next month.. and i'm DEFINITELY gonna go see jackie! k g2g xoxo

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Friday, May 19th, 2006
19.05.2006 @ 11:03pm - ugh.
I had a bad day today. My horoscope said it would be 5/5 star day.. but it felt like a 1. Seriously. This morning was a good day but as it went on it wasn't so good. Ugh. Maybe I should just sleep on all this. Goodnight♥

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Monday, May 8th, 2006
08.05.2006 @ 7:06pm - yaaaaaaaaa!
haha well thats it i'll write in later i got homework to do<33

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Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
19.04.2006 @ 5:55pm - DUDE I FORGOT!!
We got report cards the day before vacationnnnnnn! i did really good - all A's and B's.. except for SPANISH. of course. it was badddd. but not an F so not really too, too bad. but i've been doing good for 4th quarter so i hope i can keep it up. g2g eattttt♥
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Friday, April 14th, 2006
14.04.2006 @ 9:26pm - SUP SPRING BREAKK?? =P
Okay!! Lets roll...

For a while I've been getting these weird heart-beat/pulse thingies in the bottom right of my stomache.. and it hurts. I told mom about it and she said to keep her posted. I might have a problem with my appendix. But then on Monday, it MOVED to the left side. So I was like okay whatevvvvv. And it started in the middle too. So by lunch, I have pain like everywhere in my tummyyyyy. So I figure I'm hungry I need lunch. I have my sandwich and buy cookies.. but they didn't have chocolate chip left, only those weird ones with mini m&m's in them or whatevvv. ANYWAY, after lunch I felt terrrrible. LLLuckily it was my "triple free" day. [Free, B lunch, back to free, then another free]. So I went to the nurse 3rd free and went home earlyyyyyyyyyyy. :)

Then stuff happened. :x

Then I didin't go to school Tuesday cause mom and dad didnt want me to. So I was like, "okay, whatevvv." and did like nothing the whole day. and then wednesday I went cause it was the day before vacation and all. And after school I skipped track :) .

So in the morning of school we had this assembly thing stations of the cross thing. Which then we had shortened classesssss. :) they showed clips of "the passion of the Christ" . it was freaking GROSSS. i really feel bad for whoever the actor was that had to re-enact Jesus; it looked really painful. Imagine what Jesus had to go through. :/ .

And then we had NO SCHOOL yesterday cause of Holy Thursday. OH DUDE! on wednesday I moved my room around.. niiiiiice. but idk if i like it.. i keep waking up every 2 hours. I'll get used to it. It's my spring/summer/fall arrangement. Righteous. [haha jk.] and as soon as the leaves grow back on the tree infront of my window I'll take down the xmas lights.

Uhmmmm, today I barely did anything.. Woke up, warshed my hair, went outside, went to church with mom, tv, and was on the computer for a while. exciting i know.

this damn computer music keeps skipping its bugging the crap out of me

OH! we got pictures back yesterday.. from the cheer competition.. eh. whatev.

Plans for vacation week: If the weather is gonna be hotter in Rhode Island than here, I'm going up there Monday till Wednesday. And track for the rest of the week. I HATE F-ING TRACK Whatev.

Psh I like saying whatev. It's one of my new favvvs.

Well I guess I'm done.. xoxo

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Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
29.03.2006 @ 6:44pm - lalala
I GOT A 79 ON SPANISH TEST!!!!!!! =)
and thats really good for my "capabilities" and class level
so i'm happy =)

trackkkkkkkkkk. WELL. me and cassie tried sprinting. so it was boring. so we tried jav. but that was boring. so then jacquie wanted to try hurdling. so i went with her cause she was scared to ask coach if she could try it so i got stuck doing it too. and so then i did pole vaulting. its ok.

tomorrow's our first scrimmage, i'm gonna do jav. it should be "aight." and then i have to practice vaulting more. cause my pole wont bend. cause its a 130 pole and i'm noooooowhere near that. its all good though.

well i have math and espanol homework. i'll write in later<3

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Sunday, March 19th, 2006
19.03.2006 @ 4:26pm - my first real entry in a looong time
Okay so lately I haven't really been using this like.. at all. So I'm making up for it now :)

School is going good; I think I'm getting better at spanish! Just a little bit, but it still helps. We scheduled classes last week and I'm gonna be in level 2 for all my classes. Which is good, I would never want to be in a level 1, it would be too much work. But it's also bad because some classes I really wanted to be in level 3 like history, spanish, and bio, but none of the teachers let me. :( Some people got in level 1 for EVERYTHING because they wanted to "challenge themselves." Which is good, but I don't think they should've moved all of their classes up, it will be hard for them because they also spend most of their time doing a sport all year. Maybe they'll rethink it.

I can't wait for next year cause the uniforms are changing for the incoming freshmen and its gonna be horrible for them :) . And it'll be easier to spot them in the halls, and what our school does is whenever the senior guys sees a freshman boy, they go over and give them a HUGE hug. It's hilarious. Lets see what they're doing-everyone has "uniform shoes," girls have box shirts [which they dont have to tuck in!], but then the girls have to wear ugly gray skorts, so that they can't roll them, there's gonna be ugly gray shirts too. And then everyone can wear a uniform sweater, BUT we have to wear blazers over it. WTF?! Who the hell is gonna do that lol.

The other day our school was picking a new principal for next year and they had 4 candidates. All men. One was a monk/brother. I saw him and it was pretty scary. I'm not against being a brother/monk/whatever but I just couldn't imagine him being a principal, with the robe thing and everything. Some students got to interview the candidates, and they told me that the monk guy was really... not fit for the job. They said he kept talking about how God was calling him to the job and all this other stuff that didn't sound right. So then the students told our vice principal who they thought would be best, and at the end of the day they sent a letter to the archbishop with their top 2 choices.

Later that day was the top 4 bball tourny vs. NORTHWESTTTT. We won it =) . That makes 3 wins out of 3 times playing them. ha. The game was pretty good, I just really didn't want to cheer at it. I don't really like cheering anymore because it's not fun. Especially since I've started flying; I love the flying thing it's just that I can never get it right, and then I get yelled at like "It's not that hard!" or "You would be able to do it if you took everyone's advice" and I do take their advice its just really hard when you're up there and they don't realize that because they were never the flyers. Only one of the girl's was a flyer and she understands how it is and she has patience and gives me good advice and HERS works.

Anyway there was the final champ game on Friday vs. Hillhouse. They were mosnsters. We lost, it was like 70something to 30something. But you have to remember that Hillhouse is more like a street bball team, and were like born with a basketball in their hands lol. Our team had a great season and played well, and "thats what counts."

Coach had me warm up flying before the game and stuff and it went pretty good, and then she said about 3 min before the game started if we wanted to warm anything else up we could. So I asked one of the bases if she wanted to do one more stunt and she didn't hear coach so she asked one of the captains. The captain-hates freshman. So she yelled at me that I'm shaky up there and all this shit and she didn't even see me when I was practicing. So I was just like whatever and was really pissed off.

During the game some of the fans from the other team came over and tried to fight us but everyone just backed up and what like what the hell are you doing. No one fought which was good =) . And then when one guy was going back to his side he yelled over, "Where's yo varsity at-I didn't know we was playin' JV!" and everyone was just like, jaw dropped. So then one of the cheerers stuck her foot out to trip him and he was like, "now i knowwwwwww you werent gonna do dat!" and she was like, "oh yes i was" and then a security guard came and made him leave. The refs were so unfair the whole game, they were fouling US when it was actually Hillhouse that should've gotten fouled. So during the game me and a couple other girls were calling out saying things like "hey ref how much they paying you?" and "hey ref get off your knees and start watching the game!" and all this other stuff.

On the way home from the game we had to share a bus with other freshmen that didin't fit on the "spectator bus" and it was just different. One of my friends is going out with a junior and he got to come on the bus and they were kissing a couple times and then all the cheerleaders were like EWWWW STOP NO PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF AFFECTION!!! and then I felt bad because I think she thought I was saying it too. And so then the other people were just being really retarded especially this one girl I can't standddddd. And then we were joking in the back and some of the cheerers were singing "carol and ___ sitting in a tree..." and then she pops her head back and was like "WHO'S CAROLYN? WHOS CAROLYN?" omggg it was so annoying.

Outdoor track starts tomorrow. I'm not really ready for it though. And the annoying girl is doing it, she thinks shes a big-shot. Ugh.

3 months till summer♥

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